Celbridge v BME – U17 girls

Celbridge v Ballymore Eustace – U17 girls Division 5

1 April 2022

Final Score: Celbridge (0 – 06) BME (1 – 10)

First round of the League for the U17 girls was against Celbridge on 1 April.  A very wet and cold night didn’t deter either team. A fast-paced game from start to finish, Ballymore were first off the mark with a point earned from the throw-in.  BME had 4 more successive points before Celbridge scored their first. Celbridge popped over another two before two great saves from our BME goalie Grace.  BME were then back up the pitch with some great passing to put it in the back of the net.  Celbridge then pulled it back by two scores before BME’s final point, leaving four in it at half time: Celbridge (0 – 05), BME (1 – 06).

It was about 10 minutes into the second half before either team scored; Celbridge brought it back to leave a goal in it.  However, this was their final point of the match with BME going on to score 4 more.  A great performance from BME’s defence and goalie left the score line clear and some great passing and team work brought the final score to Celbridge (0 – 06) BME (1 – 10). Ar fheabhas ar fad!!!

Scorers: Mayah Doyle (0 – 09), Daire Graham (1 – 0), Molly Crowe (0 – 01)